Gabriel Schama, a New York native with a background in architecture, furniture design and woodworking, produces all his work from his home in Oakland.

Everything here is painstakingly hand-crafted from the best available materials. No digital reproductions. His vibrant abstractions in paper are a process-driven experiment within a narrow range of forms. The results feed a parallel series which start with vintage materials, particularly mid-century magazines and album covers, and results in surreal portraits evocative of a strange, ghostly world.

The abstract paper-cut pieces are made by sequentially layering, gluing and cutting sheets of archival colored paper. The form of the imagery derives heavily from the limitations of the process, but are imbued with an emotional weight that adds a melancholic lightness to the physical depth of the work.

The linoleum relief-cut work is hand-pulled on heavy, acid-free paper, and hand finished with water colors, so no print is alike. All prints are produced in small, closed editions.

He is currently accepting commissions. Much of the work on this site is for sale. Please contact him at for a list of available work and prices.