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Cornucopia White Edge Artist Proof

Cornucopia White Edge Artist Proof


This early artist proof of Cornucopia is an exploration in scrollwork and features a unique stain pain pattern and a painted white border. A few artist proofs of this piece have been created and its still undecided if it will every be run as an edition, although that does seem unlikely. This piece measure 20.5” across and 31.5” tall.

Please note that this piece does have an uneven border, some panels layers of wood stick out on the top edge.

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**Please note that this piece is being sold as is. If you have any questions on condition or would like additional photos, please ask before purchasing. Please read the description carefully to understand the major flaws, if any, that the piece has. Some of these artist proofs, studies and one of a kind pieces will also have imperfections that may not be listed.**

Also there is always natural variation between sheets of plywood, and sometimes different shipments of the same variety can have a wide range of colors. Photographing these pieces has also proved consistently difficult. I do not guarantee that the shipped to you will exactly match the photos of the prototype.

I endeavor to make my work as robust as possible, but the designs are still delicate and need to be handled with care. As for most artwork, best practice is to keep these pieces out of prolonged direct sunlight or excessively humid environments.