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Online Shop of Gabriel Schama

Thank you for the overwhelming support!

I was intending to re-open the shop after creating a collection of work for The Other Art Fair. However, almost my entire inventory of smaller work sold out at the show. I do have a number of large artwork with availability in the edition, and a few that are finished. I will be holding this work for a show I have, at The Bank in Lafayette, CA on September 26th. Following that show, I will post an updated inventory of available editions.

Below are pictures of some of these large artworks. If there is a particular piece that interests you, please feel free to email me now at for more information. The pieces range from $1,500 to $20,000. You can also sign up on my email list below to be notified when I do my next launch that will include work priced under $1,500. Thank you!


In the meantime connect with me Here:

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