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Cathedral of Thieves for Can

Cathedral of Thieves for Can


Cathedral of Thieves is an edition of 13 pieces. Once the 13 copies are sold, this design will never be re-issued.

Cathedral of Thieves measures 42"x 62" and is composed of thirteen layers of birch plywood. Right now it is available in two finishes; wood with oil stain or painted white. 

As with all of my work, this piece comes with hanging hardware pre-installed on the back, and does not require any framing to hang up. Due to the size and weight of this piece it has a french cleat style mount. 

Each piece is signed and numbered on the back.

***Please note that there is currently a 6 week wait for this piece to ship. If you would like to discuss a more specific delivery time, please email prior to purchase

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  • Cathedral of Thieves will be shipped in a custom made wood crate. Freight shipping will be calculated and billed separately for each order, in addition to the base cost of this piece.

  • This piece is made to order so please note there is a 6 week lead time for production plus shipping transit time

  • If you are in a reasonable radius of the California Bay Area, I will offer personal delivery and installation.

If you have any questions about ordering Cathedral of Thieves, don't hesitate to contact me at

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**Please note that I do everything in my power to ensure that the artwork will arrive immaculate and undamaged. If the mail carrier has a bad day, or you drop the piece after you open it, or for any other reason the work is damaged, I consider all my work to have a no-limit, free-repair warranty. If you ship any piece back to me with return postage, I will do everything I can to fix the damage.**

Also there is always natural variation between sheets of plywood, and sometimes different shipments of the same variety can have a wide range of colors. Photographing these pieces has also proved consistently difficult. I do not guarantee that the shipped to you will exactly match the photos of the prototype. 

I endeavor to make my work as robust as possible, but the designs are still delicate and need to be handled with care. As for most artwork, best practice is to keep these pieces out of prolonged direct sunlight or excessively humid environments.